Bus and Car Rider Info

Drop Off Procedures

Parents should enter the first loop to the right of the sign.  Continue to pull up by the sidewalk, making sure you stay in the RIGHT lane, on the right side of the yellow line.  Only use the left lane when pulling out.

Pull up to the sidewalk, stop, and put your vehicle into Park.  Allow your child time to exit your vehicle on the RIGHT near the sidewalk.  Children may NOT exit on the the left of the vehicle near the yellow lane since cars will be pulling through.  When you are ready to pull out, make sure you look to see if there are any children, other parents, or vehicles in the left lane.  Put on your blinker, look again, and slowly pull out.  Drive SLOW!

If you want to come into the school, you will need to park in the parking lot.  If you are in the UNLOADING Zone, you may not exit your vehicle.


Pick Up Procedures (after 3:20)

Pull up in the Unloading Zone in the right lane (to the right of the yellow line).  Wait your turn as you pull through the zone.  The two outside bus duty teachers will contact the inside teachers to get your child.  If you want to come into the school, park, in the parking lot and enter the visitors' entrance.


Bus Schedules

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