Lorrie McCord

Gilmer County Elementary School would like to congratulate Mrs. Lorrie McCord on being selected as the 2022-2023 GCES Service Personnel of the Year. 

Lorrie has worked for Gilmer County Board of Education for twelve years.  Currently, she serves as the Cafeteria Manager at Gilmer Elementary School, as well as prepares dinners for students during the after-school program.   Lorrie’s perfect attendance shows her dedication and commitment to her work and the students. 

Lorrie is a smiling face that the students love to see each day.  She stated that the best part of her job is the times throughout the day that she gets to see and interact with the students.  She states, “it gives me the opportunity to talk and communicate with the students and greet them with a smiling face.  Serving the students lunch gives me the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with them and listen to their little stories as well as help them make healthy choices.”

Lorrie also feels passionate about educating students on healthy choices.  She stated, “I learned to cook at an early age with my grandmother. I was always in the kitchen and learned a lot from her that I have carried through life. I then liked to cook for my family and three children and instill in them the importance of nutrition and healthy choices. I am going to be a grandmother soon to my first grandchild and I look forward to instilling in them the love of cooking a nutrition with healthy choices as my grandmother did for me.”

Thank you, Lorrie, for your dedication to the students of GCES. 

Lorrie will go on to compete at the county level competition for Gilmer County Service Personnel Employee of the Year.