Literacy Fair Participations

We are excited to share about our Wildcat Literacy Fair.  There were 21 students in grades 1st through 5th that participated in the Literacy Fair.  We are very proud of every student that took the time to create a project and present a speech to the judges on Friday.  

Those who received 1st place ribbons will advance to Regional Competition on Saturday, October 28th.  Congratulations to all of our Literacy Fair students!!  We are so very proud of ALL of you!  Go Gilmer

First Place Winners: Raegan Morgan, Lindsey Kinder, Holly Moyers, Jacob Campbell, Kaylee Smith, and Jeb Short

Second Place Winners: Mia Butcher, Jurnee Miller-Roberts, Brock Curtis, Brennen McEntire, Piper Darby, Audrey Ratliff, and Hayden Lowther

Third Place Winners: Tristan Williams, Joseph Williams, Erin Barr, and Lucas Shiftlet

Honorable Mention: Lucas Hardman, Charlotte Smarr, Hailey Short, and Caleb Shackleford