Respect This House Award: Mrs. Frashure's 5th Grade Class (upstairs)

Athletes of the Month Awards: Lindsey Kinder, Presley Darby, and Griffin Frymier

Artists of the Month Awards: (not pictured-Adalee Boyers and Miley Perrin),  Easton Hickman, Aiden Wellings, and Sawyer Sprouse

Musicians of the Month Awards: Isaiah Jamison, Kennedy Self, and Kaylee Smith

Respect This House Award: Mrs. Bunner's Preschool Class (downstairs)

Best PTO Participation: Mrs. Shiflet's 5th Grade Class

Wildcat Worker Awards: (not pictured-Axelia Thompson and Braylee Holbert), Jasper Grogg, Skylar Gainer, Sadie Smith, Callie Chapman, Tully Price, John Frymier, Parker Montgomery, Mollee Leggett, Enslee Smith, Owen Smarr, Kennedy Taylor, Willow Shackleford, Robert Moneypenny, Easton Woodford, Crys-Tell Wilson, Avarie Duelley, Lucas Shiftlet, Sophia Chapman

Wildcat Academic Awards: (not pictured-Cooper Miller, Kolt Smith, and Myla Radcliff), Eli Chadwell, Caden Hildebrandt, Addison Wolf, Griffin Frymier, Ava Cayton, Easton Chadwell, Colin Carter, Hudson Fox, Bryson Gregory, Brennen McEntire, Lucy Hutchinson, Natalee McHenry, Lindsey Kinder, Erin Barr, Raegan Morgan, Jonavan Mullins, Ava Campbell

Character Trait Awards for Thankfulness: (not pictured-Paisley Armstrong and Colton Garvin) , Cindy Marks, Kendall Duelley, Caitlyn Frame, Leah Jones, Ziyah Burton, Spencer Frame, Abigail Lunsford, Grayson Carpenter, Kennedy Self, Layla Fox, Leighlyn Greene, Vanessa Vega Navarro, Bryson Wellings, Ezra Minney, Jaxson Russell, Caleb Shackleford, Barrett Sprouse, Greyson Facemire, Kaylynn Prince, Logan Upton, and Sawyer Sprouse