December's Monthly Award Winners!

Wildcat Academic Awards: Kendall Duelley, Gunner Garvin, Deacon Miller, Charlynne Ford, Paisley Casto, Audrey Ratliff, Greyson Wolfe, Kennedy Taylor, Michelle Dennison, Skylar Carder, Matthew Montgomery, Hailey Short, Roevon Holton, Brooklyn White, Chase Chapman, Beckett Grogg (not pictured: Lindsey Kinder, Ryker Moss, Paisley Casto, Cainen Robinson, Kaylin Radcliff)

Respect This House Awards (Upstairs): Mrs. Frymier's Homeroom

Wildcat Worker Award: Raelynn Bennington, Ryan Grose, Loralei Butcher, Mason Hull, Ashlynn Conrad, Dale Lee Cayton, Tateum Grose, Grayson Carpenter, Aidyn Bonnett, Lillian McCullough, Brendan Pinson, Caleb Shackleford, Kayden Smith, Josephine Moore, Catelin Dean, Avary Phares, Aiden Wellings, Charlotte Smarr, Hailey Short (not pictured): Ethan Matteson, Ruby Frymier

Character Trait (Perseverence): Kaiden Harrison, Ty Ellyson, Korbyn Lowther, John Jackson, Whitney Stump, Lincoln Canfield, Emily Frederick, Raegen Waychoff, Steven Smith, Jasper Wisocki, Brock Curtis, Waylon Fox, Easton Hickman, Camden McCullough, James McCune, Adelyn Hamric, Corly Moore, Paisley Watson, Morgan Goff (not pictured- Damon Cottrill, Ryan Losh, Barrett Allman)

Athletes of the Month: Eli Drake, Conor Smith, Lincoln Canfield

Artists of the Month: Cindy Marks, Fionna McEntire, Harper Stump, Conner Smith, Ezra Minney, Morgan Goff (not pictured: Tristan Williams)

Musicians of the Month: Parker Montgomery, Presley Darby, Phoebe Bailey

Respect This House Award (Downstairs)